HIIT Training

Kinesiologist-Directed Group Exercise

What? High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

This long running group of training enthusiasts engage in highly intense, highly functional and wondrously well rounded training 3x/week. We pride ourselves on continual advancement in this group, variety is our anthem. You identify your training goals and we will help you achieve them.

Who? Fitness enthusiasts who thrive on variety in a fitness regime

Where? Orca Gym @ 4396 West Saanich, Victoria, B.C.

When? Monday & Friday 1:40-2:30pm, Wednesday 1:40-2:30pm

Why? To challenge your body awareness, step outside your training comfort zone, learn loads of new exercises and play with functional fitness equipment.

“Thank you for an awesome program, after 3 months I have truly never been in better shape and I was coming from a very unfit place! Always changing exercises to keep it interesting along with enthusiastic support are what makes it work!”
– Chris

Participation in your first group class with Real Fit is always FREE;
come out and see if we are what you have been searching for!