It’s not how much you know about fitness – leave that up to Real Fit. It’s what you do that makes the difference.

This time it’s personal

There is a direct connection between the support you receive and the success you achieve. Real Fit is committed to you. We’ll help you stay true to your program, offer challenges when you’re ready, answer your questions, and monitor your progress.

Results are determined by your overall drive – not by one bad meal or any one bad day. It’s not about being perfect; it’s allowing the strong, confidant person inside you to take shape.

One On One Kinesiologist Directed Exercise

As experts in human movement, we launch every training relationship with a full assessment including history of exercise, relevant health concerns, biomechanical assessment, body composition measures and baseline fitness testing. Once we have obtained a clear picture of you, you will receive individually tailored exercise prescription that is reflective of your goals. We cultivate confidence through education and build upon your body awareness to be successful.

Body Composition Testing / Fitness Testing / Balance Assessment / Nutrition Counseling / Posture Evaluation / Home Programs

A selection of special services available to complement your workouts and offer objective measures to support and encourage you along your path to success!

Exercise Therapy

If your medical practitioner has ever told you to increase your activity level, lose weight or engage in regular exercise, this option is for you! Real Fit offers Kinesiologist-directed exercise therapy sessions, be it one on one, partner training or in small groups to affect a variety of health disorders. Appropriate for clients dealing with ailments such as osteopenia or osteoporosis, obesity, hypertension, diabetes or pre diabetes and osteoarthritis, etc. You will be guided through a progressive exercise program conducted in a safe and supportive environment, that is specifically targeted to your needs.


Real Fit Kinesiologists work closely with your network of healthcare professionals to facilitate return to activity following accident, injury and/or surgery. We train the whole body; identifying and correcting muscle imbalances and any compensation patterns which may have been developed. Don’t let an injury in one part of your body cause you to cease all activity, keeping up with cardiovascular training and maintaining mobility are the best ways to ensure successful rehabilitation. Furthermore, we provide exercise modification and corrective biomechanical strategies to encourage the prevention of future injuries.

Partner Training

A workout buddy can be anyone from a spouse to a coworker to a best friend. If you have comparable fitness & activity levels and are united with a common training goal, partner training is a fantastic option. Not only will you increase accountability and affordability, you can greatly enhance how much fun you have along the way!

Small Group Training

Motivation lives here! All you have to do is show up; training as part of a small group guarantees that as long as you make it to the gym, you will reap the benefits. The most affordable and arguably the most fun training option Real Fit offers! Take your pick from a variety of classes or create your own!