Weight Training

Be Chiseled; Weight Training Group
Kinesiologist-Directed Exercise

What? A bona fide weight training program including proper periodization and rest phases. Progress will be marked, tracked and retested periodically.

Who? Appropriate for advanced lifters looking to gain muscle size,definition and tone.

Where? Orca Gym @ 4396 West Saanich, Victoria, B.C.

When? *to be determined

Why? Under the watchful eye and expert guidance of Real Fit Kinesiologists, you will successfully transform your body naturally through consistent training and solid nutrition to back it up!

Participation in your first group class with Real Fit is always FREE;
come out and see if we are what you have been searching for!

When you need a Kinesiologist:

  • you are eager or apprehensive to start an effective exercise program that matches your specific needs
  • you are training whilst recovering from an injury or an accident
  • you seek authoritative answers to training questions and concerns
  • you want help changing your body composition, shape and metabolism
  • you have plateaued in your own training routine & endeavor to reach new heights